Passion Fruit

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It feels like its been ages since I last wrote one of these, but I will say, it feels so good to be back. I didn’t realize how much comfort writing words on a keyboard brought to me until I stopped. Writing is my way of expressing how I feel, it’s my love language, my happy place. I get such a rush when I’m in my zone. Music in the background, people talking, lawn mower buzzing, dog panting, nothing can stop me when I’m in a creative rush. Writing brings me joy, and I think everyone should have that thing in their life that excites them, something that you could talk about for hours without getting bored, a passion.

We are driven and compelled by our passions. For some its music, for others drawing, maybe yours is dancing or cooking or running or motivating or like me, writing. Our passions, these things that we’re obsessed with, that we can’t imagine living our life without, aren’t given to us by accident, these are our purpose.

We were made to serve. If you’re like me, you believe that God gave us these gifts to glorify Him and make his presence known. If we don’t share the same beliefs, you can’t deny the fact that your passion has helped you serve those around you. Sister had a bad day? Your beautiful song cheered them up. New neighbor just moved in? Your fresh baked cookies made them feel welcomed. Friend’s been feeling unworthy? Your beautifully written words shared with them how much they’re loved and wanted.

We all have a purpose. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet but I promise you, I pinky swear, you have one. We each have our own set of skills and abilities that are unmatched and we should be using those to uplift and support one another.

Although this is a short and sweet, I wanted to leave you all with some food for thought. If you haven’t found your passion yet, I challenge you to identify it. Write a list of all the things that you’re good at and absolutely couldn’t live without doing. Secondly, if you already know what your passion is, use it to uplift or appreciate someone around you. I promise your actions will not go unseen.

Now Or Never

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Even though we don’t want to admit it, the beginning of the school year is right around the corner. And you know what that mean…The times of back to school clothes shopping, buying overpriced planners and comparing class schedules are all too close by.

But over the last decade or so of the same ol’ routine, I’ve rounded up some tips and tricks to save some time, money, and sanity for when the dreaded first day comes along.

  1. Especially if you’re in high school, don’t buy school supplies until you’ve been to the first day of all your classes. – Your teachers will more than likely have a syllabus with all their required materials and more often than not, you probably didn’t pick up 90% of those items when you went shopping the week before.
  2. Don’t stress about finding your classes. – If you’re an incoming freshman freaking out if you’ll be able to find all your classes in your huge, new school, don’t! There are teachers all over the hallways pointing kids to the right direction. Also, if you’re worried about racking up tardies on the first week, don’t fret. Teachers don’t start counting tardies till the second week of school or so.
  3. Get a planner! – You’re human. You forget things! So better to be safe than sorry and get yourself a planner. Get one with a calendar to write down all of your homework assignments, test/quiz dates and birthdays (you don’t want to be that friend that forgets your bestie’s birthday).
  4. Take your freshman year seriously! – But for real, guys!  Slack off on your freshman year and your GPA is ruined forever. Yeah, you’re world shouldn’t revolve around your GPA but still, its a pretty important piece of that whole college thing. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll regret taking it easy.
  5. Make friends – And stick with them! High school changes people, and if you’re not surrounded by the right people, with the right intentions, and share the same core beliefs, things can go downhill very easily. For me, the most upsetting part of the last couple years of my life was looking back and seeing all the people that I hung out with and loved on in middle school, only to see them tear themselves down and get themselves into waters too treacherous to come out of.
  6. Stay true to yourself – This kinda goes with the last one but… don’t lose yourself in the mess that high school is. You’ll be invited to do things you’ve never done before, things that you told yourself you would never get yourself into. So make sure to stand your ground and stand up for what you believe in so that you don’t lose your identity in the temporary pleasures of high school.