My name is Katharina.

Yeah my mom got a little creative, but I was her first kid so lets cut her some slack.

It’s pronounced Kat-a-rina, not ka-TH-arina, not ka-trina. And if you want to see my extra special evil side, call me Kat. So yeah, it’s just Kat-a-rina. Plain and simple.

I was born in O-town! And for you peasants who don’t know that means, it stands for Orlando. Yup, that’s right! The land of sunshine, rainbows, Disney World… and let’s not forget the hurricanes, tourist infested highways, and ultra 10000% humidity all day, everyday.

Yeah, I have dual citizenship. Which I would like to say will finally come into good use when we’re in the midst of some nuclear war and I can escape to Brazil and live in the Amazon or something… That, and I don’t need a visa to travel to Russia so woohoo for two passports.

Some cool things that I usually like to add to my resume include:

  • My insane ability to make people feel uncomfortable at any given moment
  • I literally laugh at everything and anything
  • Kids relate to me… cause we’re practically the same height
  • Dougie like nobody’s business
  • rapping all the lyrics to “The Motto” by Drake since I was 10
  • Keeping a special place for Jesus in my heart
  • Having too many friends to count

Writing is my way of escaping, my drug of choice. I can’t sing, my dancing maxes out at the Nae Nae, and my Brazilian genes weren’t strong enough to give me soccer. But, I’ve always had a way with words. Whether it was writing letters to elementary school crushes, to standing up in front of dozens to give speeches when no else wanted to, I always found a rush when it came to words. So instead of emptying my wallet with the purchases of journals and diaries (even though I already have wayyyy too many), I choose to share them with you on my little piece of the internet!
And, I hope you’ll hang a bit!